5 Vocal Hacks for Worship Leaders

ChurchFront interviews Charmaine Brown from WorshipVocalist about helping singers improve their vocal techniques. She explains how she focuses on increasing their range and eliminating the “flip” in the middle of their voice. Charmaine shared some common pitfalls, tips for warming up, and how taking care of your body can make a difference in vocal performance.

Singers often struggle with things like not using resonance properly, pushing too hard on high notes and ending up tired, or jumping between chest and head voices. To get better at singing, it really helps to have regular practice sessions with exercises that focus on their specific needs.

Don’t forget the importance of warming up your voice slowly before performing! It keeps you from getting worn out and makes your sound even better. Plus, taking care of yourself – staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, chilling out with stress levels, and eating well – can make a huge difference in how your voice performs.

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