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Why Didn’t I Worship?

Many times in my career, I’ve heard people use some key phrases: “I can’t worship like this.” “I didn’t get anything out of worship today.” “I feel like worship was…

Hipster Frames and Worship Music

hipster glasses
Unfortunately, I had to switch back to eyeglasses recently. It appears that my eyeballs are no longer accepting of small pieces of plastic in them. So, I needed some new…

Worship Myths

Last week, I wrote about busting some common myths about worship leaders. Those can be some pretty dangerous myths as they can erode confidence and trust in leadership, but I…

Mythbusting Worship Leaders

Myth Busters
I used to love the show “Mythbusters.” In fact, I had a couple of managers when I was in retail that used to look (and sound) exactly like Adam and…