Advent Underscore

Many churches have an Advent candle lighting part of their service where a narrator or family step forward, read a few Scriptures, light one of the […]

How To Create A Quick, Easy and FANTASTIC Christmas Eve Service

Like many worship leaders I worked at my church part time, which meant I didn’t have enough time (or energy) to think about Christmas Eve until mid […]

Christmas Worship Underscores


Worship Whiplash: Learning the Art of Transition

We’ve all been there. The service begins with a joyful call to worship and prayer. The band plays the opening song, upbeat and full of praise. […]

What’s the Worship Personality of Your Church?

Worship leader, this article will save you days, weeks and even years of frustration! Have you ever noticed that congregations have personalities? I’ve had the wonderful […]

Cardboard Worship

Is your worship like cardboard: functional but bland and boring? I visited a church recently and thought “this worship leader knows what he’s doing.” I unfortunately […]