Getting GenZ On Your Worship Team

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Worship leaders, have you noticed the younger generation isn’t exactly flocking to your worship band? You’re not alone! It seems many ministries are struggling to get Gen Z and Gen Alpha invested in learning instruments and joining worship teams.

So what’s the deal? Why aren’t kids these days picking up a guitar or sitting down at a keyboard? Well, let’s take a look…

Blame it on the smartphones! Yep, those pesky devices are sucking up all their time and attention. Hobbies, reading, sports, youth group – they’ve all taken a hit since phones took over the world.

Instant gratification is the name of the game now. GenZ is used to having music at their fingertips – perfectly mixed and mastered with a click. Learning an instrument? Well, that takes time… and you sound pretty bad at first! It’s tough to get past that initial hump.

Plus, kids are just plain BUSY. Travel sports, dance, coding classes (coding classes!) – there are a million options competing for their time. Sitting in their room practicing scales? Not quite as glamorous. They need a compelling reason to choose music.

So what’s a worship leader to do? Here are some ideas to get those kids plugged in:

  1. Make it a group activity. Learning with peers makes it more fun – like a musical team sport!
  2. Set small goals with tangible rewards. Tap into that video game mindset. Maybe after learning 3 chords they get a Chick-fil-A gift card!
  3. Give them opportunities to perform. Book them a “gig” – maybe leading a song in church every few months. Watch them rise to the occasion.
  4. Find beginner-friendly songs. Avoid those 8-minute Elevation epics at first… 4-chord worship tunes are a great start. Capos are a beginner’s best friend.
  5. Provide free lessons or loaners. Some kids simply don’t have access to instruments or instruction. Offering a free guitar class (or at least giving them a spare guitar if you have one laying around) could make all the difference.
  6. Let them lead. Create a youth worship team and let them drive the song choices and style. Empower them.
  7. Be a learner yourself. Show them even the “pros” are still growing and developing. Set the tone that we’re all in this together.

Bottom Line: To get the next generation playing, worship leaders need to get creative. Think small goals, group learning, and plenty of opportunities to succeed…

Meet them where they are – even if that’s currently Face Down in a smartphone – and show them how rewarding (and yes, fun!) worship music can be. With a little extra effort, we just might see a new wave of passionate young musicians leading the charge.

So grab a guitar, round up some kids, and let’s get GenZ worshipping! It’s time to pass the torch… or at least share the stage. šŸ˜‰ The future of church music depends on it!

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