How To Craft A Worship Setlist

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Crafting a setlist often feels like trying to traverse a vast maze. So many options on which way to go, yet only a handful are right. Well, worry not weary traveler, we have a handful of tips that will make you confident in your decisions ahead.

1. Talk to God

A key element to a relationship with God is honesty. If you’re struggling with your setlist, tell God about it. Ask Him what He wants to tell your church. Talk to Him about your church’s current season. Whatever the situation, beginning with a conversation with God is always the best way to start.

2. Theme

Settle on the theme of your setlist. What message is being taught this week? That’s a good place to start. Do you want people to think about God’s grace? His greatness? His unwavering nature? Thankfully, there are hundreds of years’ worth of worship songs to choose from. With a bit of research, you’ll always be able to build a setlist with a strong theme.

3. Audience

Think about who you are leading. Is your group large or more intimate? A mix of ages and genders or more specific? These questions are crucial for song style.

4. Tempo

Select a variety of fast and slow songs. Too much slow ends up dragging on. Too much fast doesn’t allow space for reflection. A mix of both will keep the people happy and engaged.

5. Flow

Consider how your songs flow one to another. Key choice, tempo, and intros and outros play a big role here. We don’t want to take away from peoples worshipping by having a setlist that feels disjointed. The less distractions, the better.

With these tips and a little bit of effort, your worship setlists are bound to have a great impact. Above all, have no fear and trust in the Lord!

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