How to Overcome Worship Planning Block

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If hearing the phrase “weekly worship planning” makes you want to find a nearby rock to hide under, we understand. Few tasks are more draining than having to create a new worship experience each and every week. Take a deep breath, we’ve got the tips to put your mind at ease.

First and foremost, talk to God. Not after you’ve finished this article; right now. He’s a rather large part of your worship sets, after all, and He wants them to be as awesome as you do. Ask Him for help in picking songs and creating a flow of worship that draws the congregation closer to Him.

Prayer is always the best first step, and for step two, you should talk to your pastor. Ask about his upcoming sermons. Ask about what Scriptures he’ll be using. Most likely, he’ll be excited to collaborate, and together you can get solid themes to base your worship sets on.

So, what if your pastor doesn’t have any input? Time to crawl back under your rock? No, you’ve still got this, we’ll just need to work a little harder.

Look at your church’s calendar. Any special events this month? Communion? Funeral? Holiday? Find appropriate songs to fit the theme. Your favorite search engine will be a great ally during this step.

If you truly need to grab songs out of thin air, time to talk to God again. A wonderfully simple prayer is to ask, “What would You like to hear Your people sing this week?” Take some time in silence to hear back. Perhaps there’s a new song you’ve been eager to try out. Maybe there’s a melody that’s been stuck in your head. Or maybe an old hymn pops into your mind. If you settle on one song, take that theme and build a set around it.

Still no ideas? Make a list of every song your church sings. Organize by fastest songs to slowest. Use this list whenever you’re out of ideas. Don’t overthink it! Simply consider which songs you haven’t done in awhile, or which songs the congregation historically sings the loudest. Keeping a list prevents any songs from being long forgotten, and is a powerful tool to help jog your memory.

Bottom Line: There are ways to overcome worship planning block, but it takes proactivity. Talk to God about what He wants. Collaborate with your pastor. Look at the church calendar to see if any special events are coming up. Determine whether any songs are on your heart. Develop a song list. It’s time to come out from beneath your rock and confidently plan your worship sets like the terrific, God-appointed worship leader that you are.

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