How To Shape Team Culture In Your Worship Ministry

Jimmy Cooper talks with Dalton Schaefer about the topic of team culture in worship ministry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve an existing ministry, these insights will be valuable for cultivating a healthy and intentional culture among your team members.

What is Team Culture? – It encompasses the values, beliefs, and experiences of your team members. This includes everything from their understanding of the Bible to how rehearsals are run and communication within the group.

Every team has a culture – The important question is whether you’re being intentional about cultivating a positive and effective one.

Values as the foundation – Having clearly defined values can help provide direction for creating a strong team culture. Examples include: Word (the importance of scripture), Spirit (being led by the Holy Spirit), Excellence (striving for undistracting excellence), Engagement (active participation), Unity (working together harmoniously), and Development (growing as individuals and as a group).

Words matter – The language used within your team can shape perspectives and create shared understanding.

Creating space for flexibility – Planning services with room for spontaneity allows for more opportunities to be led by the Holy Spirit.

By keeping these points in mind, you can work towards cultivating a positive, effective, and intentional team culture in your worship ministry that benefits both your volunteers and congregation members alike!

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