• WorshipFlow has two parts: CHARTS and TRACKS. Subscribe to either or both.
  • Download CHARTS Underscores in every key for piano sheet music, synth pad sheet music and guitar chords (rhythm charts.)
  • Download TRACKS Underscores in every key in high quality MP3 format for piano and pad.
  • Play Underscores under announcements, Scripture readings, videos or prayer.
  • Underscores are generic enough to be played anywhere in your praise set, but they can also be used with your own popular praise and worship song charts.
  • Underscores have 1, 2 and sometimes 3 sections. The CHARTS are interactive: try playing section [1] then repeat – if the prayer/announcement/reading continues, move on to section [2], then return to section [1], etc. Move to the “end” when the prayer/announcement/reading is finished.
  • Select piano, pad or guitar chords depending on mood – a pad for a fuller sound, piano or guitar chords for a more meditative feel.
  • YOU pick the tempo and dynamics (CHARTS) – perhaps slower and softer during a prayer AFTER a song, faster and louder during a call to worship BEFORE a song.
  • Play CHARTS Underscores individually, or have a pianist, synth player and guitarist play together.
  • Play TRACKS MP3 Underscores individually, or layer pad & piano MP3s with your worship multitrack software.
  • Download a FREE WorshipFlow Underscore and try it in your own ministry!

using underscores in your praise sets:

In his book The Habits of Highly Effective Churches  George Barna states “Highly effective churches typically incorporate at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted worship music into their services.”

WorshipFlow Underscores help you do that – to create a seamless flow of worship music. Music is the glue that holds your worship service together, and dead space can kill the flow. Here are a few ideas for using WorshipFlow Underscores in your praise sets:

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