Tips For Getting Beautiful ATMOSPHERIC Sounds Out Of Your HX STOMP

Imagine you’re at church on Sunday morning, ready to play your part with your HX Stomp. But suddenly, the worship leader tells you that the keyboard player is out and they need you to cover their ambient parts. Don’t panic! Jimmy Cooper from HeyWorshipLeader has got your back with a guide on how to achieve that ambient sound using just your guitar and HX Stomp.

First, Jimmy suggests starting with a clean amp tone – any amp that can clean up well will do. Add a compressor for sustain and volume, plus a room reverb for ambience. Now it’s time to dial in some lush reverbs by using the glitz reverb settings from his video. You’ll want to max out the decay and tweak other settings as shown in his tutorial.

Next, add two delays – one set to quarter notes and another set to half notes or dotted quarter notes – so that they bounce around each other nicely. To make it even more ambient, Jimmy recommends adding a chorus effect like the dimension chorus.

For those who want an extra layer of sound without using an external device, create your own pad using a looper on the HX Stomp. Just keep in mind that these loops won’t be saved once the unit is turned off.

Lastly, pay attention to your playing style and chord shapes when performing ambient music. Less is more when it comes to note selection due to all the effects being used – so opt for simpler chords further up the neck.

UPDATE: Jimmy released this video shortly after with corrections.

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