What Your Worship Pastor Expects: Sound Tech

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They are the unseen and often under-appreciated servants of the church.

They’re the behind-the-scene wizards that never get the pats on the back and the atta boys. In fact, when they are at their best, nobody even knows they exist.

Yes, I’m talking about the sound techs, visual worshipers, and production crew. You know, those folks that dress in black, blend into the background, and keep everything running smoothly.

We simply could not do our job as effectively without these weekend warriors that love all things tech.

So how do you effectively communicate to them and share your expectations? Here are a few suggestions that might help.

7 Tips for Soundtechs

  • Mixing is Constant – Running and mixing sound is never a ‘set it and forget’ operation. You have to be aware of the changing nuances of the band and vocalists.
  • Start with the Drums – The rhythm, and more importantly the drums, are the foundation of your band. When mixing your band start with the drums at a reasonable level and then layer on the rest of the band.
  • Your Ears > Db Meters – Decibal meters are great for understanding the overall volume of the band, but nothing can compare to your ears and your instinct. Always use your ears as your guide (but keep the Db meter handy too).
  • Vocalists On Top – After you lay down your mix, you’ll want to make sure the vocalists, especially the lead vocal cuts through the mix. This goes without saying, the vocals are the lead of all of our worship. Keep them on top.
  • Anticipate – When running sound, do your best to anticipate where each element is going and adjust the settings accordingly. It could be adding in low end on a big build or pulling off effects at just the right moment. You are a part of the worship experience.
  • Listen to Your Worship Leader – Build a solid relationship with your worship leader. Be humble and strive to work together. Give your opinion and trust each other. Listen to your leader.
  • You Are a Servant – Above all else, you are serving God by serving the church. Never forget this crucial peace of information, it will keep you grounded.

6 Ways to Lead Visual Worship Better

  • Rehearse With the Band – Depending on the rehearsal schedule of the band, make sure you are going through the songs with them as they play them. This will help you know the flow of worship.
  • Arrive Early – Get to worship early, don’t come late. This will help you communicate with the team and go over any changes that may have taken place.
  • Take Notes – As you go over any changes, take notes and be active. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your best to prepare for worship.
  • Don’t Get Behind – The congregation is relying on you for the lyrics to the worship songs, so don’t be late at advancing the slides. Don’t wait for the last word to be sung before you jump to the next slide. Get there before the end of the last line.
  • Pay Attention – It’s easy to get distracted but do your best to pay attention. It only takes a moment for you to get behind and lose your place. Stay on top of what your doing.
  • You’re a Key Component – You are not just a slide pusher… you are a worship leader. You are helping to lead your church in worship, in visual worship. And this is huge!

You may not get all of the accolades and many people may not ever know what you do, but you play a huge role in leading worship. It’s important to remember that we are serving the church and therefore serving God. Never lose that perspective.

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