What’s the “Win” in Our Worship?

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We all know the old saying, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time!” Right? And this got me thinking about Sunday morning’s that opportunity we have at not only worshiping, but leading/serving our church in worship via music.

What is the “win” in our worship? Is it having a solid music set? Is it having great vocals and dynamic drum beats? Is it seeing everyone singing loudly with raised hands and passion in their eyes? What are we trying to accomplish on the weekends?

I once had someone come up to me to tell how “good” the worship was that morning. Isn’t that just bizarre? Isn’t worship always good because the one we are worshiping is infinitely good? Sure the band was really on and the sound system is rockin, and perhaps that was the intent, but how good we are as a band, vocal group, or production team really has nothing to do with how “good” worship was.

Now don’t get me wrong, we need to strive for excellence and quality. We don’t want to be a distraction to those who are trying to worship but what if the band was as tight as usual and the sound system had some issues… would worship then be bad? The answer is no, because worship is more about our attitude than it is about anything else.

Jesus talking to the woman at the well in John chapter 4 talks about the mark of ‘true’ worshipers. He says that the time has come for true worship that isn’t confined to a building but is led by the Spirit. True worshipers worship in spirit and truth. We must continue to pursue quality and excellence in the worship music we lead, but let’s start by worshiping the Father in spirit and truth first.

Our win during our times of worship is really quite simple… to be constantly changing into the likeness of Jesus all the while leading the church in authentic, passionate, and heartfelt singing.

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