10 Top Worship Leading Tips

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When it comes to leading worship, there are certain tips and tricks that can make a big difference. These are the nuggets of wisdom that prove their worth in weekly ministry work. While it’s tough to narrow down to just 10—since there are so many valuable insights—here are our 10 favorites.

  1. Being On Time is Important. We believe there’s no good reason for always being late. While everyone can be late sometimes, being late all the time shows there’s a problem—maybe it’s pride, being disorganized, not having the right priorities, or trying to do too much. It’s not respectful to God to keep others waiting all the time. If this is a problem for you, we encourage you to make fixing it a top priority.
  2. Lead People One at a Time. There’s no one rule for leading people. The way you work with one singer on your team might not work for another. We encourage you to get to know your team members as individuals—their likes, dislikes, and the unique things their families and jobs bring. Show extra patience and understanding to those who need it. Your leadership style should be flexible enough to work with a variety of personalities in your ministry.
  3. It’s Okay to Stop a Song. If the guitar is really out of tune, stop. If the drummer starts playing in 3/4 instead of 4/4, stop. If the singers and band are singing different songs, stop. We often feel like we have to hide mistakes from the audience, but trust us, they notice. It’s better to stop and fix the problem.
  4. Share Creative Control. If you’re the only one making creative decisions, it’s time for a change. Start letting your team members be part of the creative process. They should work within the rules you set, but they’ll do their best when they’re given some control over the creative expression.
  5. Don’t Follow Trends Blindly. Just because the newest worship song is popular doesn’t mean your congregation can’t still connect with God through an old favorite hymn. God isn’t concerned with trends. Don’t let the latest fad control your direction. Being real is better than being trendy every time.
  6. Know Your Team’s Strengths. Creative people aren’t always the best at organizing, and people who are good at organizing aren’t always the best at being creative. Your leadership methods should take these strengths and weaknesses into account. If you’re creative, get help with organizing rather than letting your team suffer from your lack of organizational skills.
  7. Serve Others, Don’t Expect to Be Served. In ministry, our main job is to serve others. Sunday mornings can be busy, leaving us feeling tired. But remember, the times you’re serving may not be the best times for you to be served. Make sure you’re getting spiritual nourishment throughout the week.
  8. Keep Team Devotions Relevant. Devotionals can be great for team building, but they should be relevant to the task at hand or go along with the pastor’s current teaching series. Avoid using this time to show off your knowledge of the Bible.
  9. Stay Focused. Rehearsal time is for rehearsing, fellowship time is for fellowship, and worship times are for worship. Don’t get sidetracked. Be the most prepared person in the room during rehearsals, use fellowship time to connect with your team, and once the service starts, trust that God is in control.
  10. Keep Your Connection with God. This can be hard in ministry, as we often get so busy doing “God’s work” that we forget to connect with God ourselves. Spending time with God every day is really important, so don’t let it get pushed out of your schedule. If there’s one thing to remember from this list, we hope it’s this one.
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