Top 20 Christian Funeral Songs for Worship Leaders

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Funerals are a sacred time to grieve, reflect, and find hope in the midst of loss. Music plays a profound role during memorial services, helping us process emotions and connect spiritually. Selecting the right songs for funerals can be an important but difficult task. The lyrics should provide comfort, resonate with the life and character of the loved one lost, and point those grieving to God.

Music for funerals aim to honor the dead, but also leads the living closer to Christ through a difficult transition. As pastors and worship leaders, thoughtfully planning funeral music allows us to care for grieving families and point them to eternal hope. Let’s look at the 20 top Christian funeral songs appropriate to sing during memorial services. The songs come from a variety of artists and genres, but all contain lyrics that proclaim the Gospel message and extend grace to the brokenhearted. Click on song titles to listen and download lyrics.

1. Amazing Grace

A funeral staple, this classic hymn beautifully expresses the heart of the Gospel – God’s gift of salvation by grace alone. The timeless lyrics remind mourners of the hope found in Christ even in the darkest times of grief and loss. Newton’s personal story of redemption shines through, offering comfort that no sin or circumstance is beyond God’s forgiveness and redemption. Tomlin’s version allows a fresh musical take, introducing a new generation to this powerful message of amazing grace. Both renditions invite us to marvel at God’s grace and find peace knowing our loved one rests in His merciful arms for eternity.

2. How Great Thou Art

This majestic hymn is a moving tribute to the glory, power, and might of God. The lyrics poetically depict the wonder of God’s creation and miracles. Sung at funerals, it helps mourners lift their eyes to the enormity of God compared to the trials of earthly loss. The soaring melody and lyrics like “Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee/How great Thou art! How great Thou art!” remind us of God’s eternal love and sovereignty. This classic hymn points grieving hearts to the divine for comfort and hope amidst profound sorrow.

3. I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe)

This moving contemporary song imagines what it will be like meeting Jesus face to face in eternity. At funerals, it allows mourners to picture their loved one’s awe and joy at finally glimpsing the glory of God in heaven. Lines like “Will I dance for you Jesus? Or in awe of you be still?” express the wonder all believers will experience in God’s presence. Though death brings sorrow, this song’s forward-looking hope reminds us that the best is yet to come for Christians.

4. In Christ Alone (Keith Getty and Stuart Townend)

This modern hymn proclaiming Christ as the cornerstone of faith provides a strong foundation for mourners. The lyrics remind us that the hope of resurrection shines brightly, even in grief. Lines like “No guilt in life, no fear in death/This is the power of Christ in me” point to the gift of eternal life we have in Jesus. Though death stings, Christ has overcome it. This hymn leads us to find refuge, comfort, and strength in Christ’s sacrificial love during our times of loss.

5. It Is Well With My Soul

Penned after traumatic loss, this hymn is a powerful declaration of hope in God amidst pain. The timeless lyrics affirm God’s faithfulness despite circumstance. Sung at funerals, it helps the bereaved cling to faith when grief overwhelms. Lines like “My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought/My sin, not in part but the whole, Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more” point mourners to Christ’s redemption. This song encourages resilient trust though storms rage.

6. I Will Rise (Chris Tomlin)

This contemporary song can be a hopeful anthem of the resurrection for funerals. The lyrics envision the day when all believers will rise to meet Christ. Lines like “The burial stone’s rolled away, I’ll rise” remind mourners that death is not the end for Christians. This song inspires confidence that though grief is deep, joy comes in the morning. Our loved ones in Christ will triumphantly rise one day too.

7. Because He Lives (Gaither)

This classic hymn offers great funeral comfort through its focus on Christ’s resurrection. Uplifting lyrics like “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow” direct mourners’ eyes to the hope beyond grief. The song inspires trust in God’s purposes, even when human understanding falls short. Its powerful, yet simple declaration of hope in Christ provides mourners an anchor in emotional turmoil.

8. Beulah Land (Squire Parsons)

This gospel hymn vividly depicts the promise of heaven as a place of joy and comfort for the weary. Its imagery of a bright, beautiful paradise where we’ll dwell with Christ provides mourners a hopeful picture of their loved one at home with Jesus. Lines like “Reaching out, to this place I am longing for” express our yearning for our eternal home. This song points grieving hearts towards a heavenly reunion.

9. Untitled Hymn (Chris Rice)

This tender contemporary song is a humble invitation to bring our burdens to Jesus during seasons of grief and doubt. Lines like “Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus and live!” gently encourage turning to Christ for hope and rest, even in fragmented places. The raw, conversational lyrics meet mourners in vulnerability. This song offers a prayer of solace and an opportunity to be authentic before God amidst loss.

10. Go Rest High on That Mountain (Vince Gill)

Gill’s folk ballad is a poignant funeral song voicing one final goodbye.Lyrics depict loved ones who’ve passed resting peacefully in the presence of God and angels. Lines like “Your days are done, your time has come/Go rest high on that mountain” express grieving release in knowing the trials of this world are behind. This song provides mourners gentle comfort picturing their loved one at eternal rest.

11. Heaven Song (Phil Wickham)

This stirring worship anthem paints a jubilant vision of heaven where we’ll unite with Christ. Triumphant lyrics like “All the saints and angels, they’re singing out, singing Holy, Holy Lord” depict the glorious heavenly worship awaiting all believers. This song points mourners towards an eternity of joy, helping shift grief to hope in God’s promises.

12. Go to Live with God (People & Songs)

This simple, lyrical hymn imagines a loved one joyfully transitioning to the glories of heaven. Lines like “Go to live with God, go to taste the Promised Land” offer comfort in picturing eternal reunion with Christ. The bittersweet lyrics of earthly farewell and heavenly homecoming provide mourners perspective for grief’s ache. This song gently helps redirect sorrow to the hope of paradise.

13. Homesick (MercyMe)

This emotional contemporary ballad beautifully voices the yearning for heaven amidst earthly struggles. Lines like “I’m homesick for a home I’ve never known” capture mourners’ grief-stricken longing for comfort and reunion with departed loved ones. The melancholic lyrics remind us this world is not our final resting place. This stirring funeral song helps redirect hearts towards the hope of our eternal home.

14. With Hope (Steven Curtis Chapman)

Chapman penned this tender ballad after tragically losing his young daughter, yet clinging to God’s faithfulness. Lyrics like “With hope we’ll carry on” resonate with mournful hearts, encouraging reliance on Christ amidst overwhelming grief. Mourners find empathy and solace knowing even great faith falters under deep sorrow. This honest funeral song helps anchor us in God’s redeeming light during the darkest nights.

15. 10,000 Reasons (Matt Redman)

The chorus of this worshipful hymn proclaims “Bless the Lord, O my soul,” even through seasons of loss and change. During funerals, it reminds mourners that praising God’s eternal goodness lifts weary spirits. Though grieving, we still have countless reasons to bless His name. This hopeful funeral song points towards the unchanging nature of God when little else makes sense.

16. I Have This Hope (Tenth Avenue North)

This reassuring contemporary song anchors mourners in the promise of eternity amidst grief’s storms. Lyrics like “Every fear that steals my breath, I have this hope in life, in death” remind us Christ conquered the grave. Though saying earthly goodbye hurts deeply, we can take refuge in the unshakable hope of heaven. This funeral song uplifts weary hearts with the gift of eternal life.

17. Save a Place for Me (Matthew West)

West gives mournful voice to crying over loss while clinging to hope in this funeral ballad. Touching lyrics like “Don’t be mad if I cry, it just hurts so bad sometimes” acknowledge the rawness of grief. Yet the chorus redirects sorrow to solace in asking loved ones to “save a place for me” in heaven for an awaited reunion. Though deeply feeling the absence left behind, West sings of dreaming of the day when we’ll join those who’ve gone before. Redirecting mourning to the promise of togetherness eternity, this sentimental song provides assurance that separation is temporary for those in Christ.

18. Even If (MercyMe)

MercyMe penned this powerful worship song declaring faith in God amidst life’s fiercest storms. Lyrics like “Even if the healing doesn’t come” and “Even if the storm returns” voice trust in God’s sovereignty despite unanswered cries for deliverance. Though we don’t understand His ways, Christ remains worthy of praise. This song points to the anchor of hope believers have in Christ above shifting circumstance.

19. Your Grace Finds Me (Matt Redman)

Redman’s stirring anthem proclaims God’s faithfulness reaching us in broken places. The chorus “It’s there on a wedding day, there in the weeping by the graveside” brings comfort, reminding mourners of grace abounding when both joy and grief abound. Though lost in sorrow, Christ’s love relentlessly pursues the hurting heart. This song helps redirect grief to the gift of God’s ever-present grace amidst the ashes of loss.

20. Dancing in the Sky (Dani and Lizzy)

This emotive contemporary ballad imagines loved ones who’ve passed are joyfully dancing in heaven’s light. Sensitive lyrics like “I hope you’re dancing in the sky / And I hope you’re singing in the angel’s choir” bring comfort in picturing the blissful eternity awaiting in God’s presence. The soothing melody and message of rejoicing make this a poignant funeral song for remembrance and hope.

Bonus: I’ll Fly Away

This classic gospel hymn joyfully expresses anticipation of leaving sorrows behind for heaven’s glory. Lyrics like “When I die, hallelujah, by and by, I’ll fly away” portray death as liberation for the believer. Though funerals bear grief, this song redirects mourners’ gaze upward to the hope of eternal reward in paradise. Its jubilant tone and imagery of flying away to freedom remind us our loved ones have embarked to sweet, everlasting rest.

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