5 Resolutions to Revive Weary Worship Leaders

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Life in ministry can be a rollercoaster ride with plenty of highs and lows. One day you’re on mountaintop leading worship to a packed, fired-up crowd. The next, you’re slogging through the valley of dark doubts and discouragement.

We’ve all been there – downtimes when it seems like absolutely nothing is going right. Attendance is down, your team is fraying, and you can’t hear God’s voice over the worries screaming in your head. Ever felt like hanging up your worship leader hat for good?

Don’t throw in the towel yet! The savvy worship leader knows that the valley is no place to camp. It’s just part of the journey. Arm yourself with these 5 faith-building resolutions to help you climb back to the peak!

Feed Your Faith Brain

When faith feels shaky, it’s time to strengthen your spiritual foundations. How? Revisit the basics. Crack open some Apologetics books or articles to remind yourself that God is real and Christianity is true. Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig – they’ll pump you up with logic and evidence. Or go back to the source and soak in the good news of the Gospel again. Can’t lead others if you don’t firmly believe yourself.

Adjust Your Attitude

Perspective is power. In the valley, it’s easy to lose perspective and blow things out of proportion. Everything feels gloomy and hopeless. Combat pessimism by pausing to give thanks for the little blessings all around you – a hot coffee, a friend’s text, a worshipful moment in rehearsal.

Also, review what you deserve apart from Christ, and what God has given you freely by His grace. We’re all stumbling sinners outside salvation. But in Christ we’re spotless! That’ll help you see your valley isn’t so very deep after all.

Look Beyond Yourself

When you’re too close to your own situation, it’s impossible to see clearly or find hope. But observe how God is working in others’ lives, and let their stories lift your spirits. Remember how the Bible describes the Lord as the God of Abraham, the God of David? Let the faithfulness He showed them assure you of His love for you, even when you can’t feel it through the clouds.

Let It Out

Emotions exist for a reason, but don’t let them drive the train. Keep your heart checked by processing honestly with a trusted friend outside your inner circle. Share what’s really going on rather than slapping on a Sunday smile. Unpack your burdens, knowing they’ll speak truth but hold confidences. You’ll find tremendous relief.

Daily Time With God

Finally, the classic but utterly essential resolution: daily quiet time alone with God in prayer and Scripture. Simple but powerful. Even just ten focused minutes daily, listening and speaking to the Lord, will steady your mind amidst stress. Don’t just freak out in the valley – use the valley to draw closer to the Shepherd!

The climb out of the valley is rarely quick or easy. But stick to these faith-focused resolutions, and you’ll find power to persevere. Keep your eyes upward. Take it one step at a time. And lean hard into the God who’s walked every valley and paved the path before you.

The mountaintop view will come into sight again as you walk hand in hand with Him! Refuse to allow the valley to drag you into despair. Take hold of the mighty resolution to let your faith flame burn bright, no matter how deep the valley around you.

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