Rediscovering Hymns: A Worship Goldmine

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Hymns get a bad rap these days. Contemporary worship leaders often ditch these worship gems or just dust them off once a year at Christmas. But hymns deserve more than our yearly obligatory round of “Silent Night.” They’re a rich resource we’re overlooking in our quest for the next hot new sound.

It’s time to rediscover hymns and work them back into our regular worship rotation. Why? First, they ground us in our faith heritage, linking today’s church with 2,000 years of worship history. Second, hymns brim with theological truth, imparting doctrine beyond catchy choruses. Third, they foster global unity, sung by persecuted believers worldwide. And fourth, their familiar melodies encourage full-voiced congregational praise.

We ignore hymns to our detriment. Tap into their timeless power to teach, inspire and unite your church. With the right energetic arrangements, hymns come alive for a new generation. It’s time to dust off those books and rediscover these worship gems. Your congregation will reap the blessings.

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