Improving Electric Worship Guitar Skills: 5 Tips

Bradford Mitchell explains how to maximize the impact of your electric guitar playing in a worship band context. He aims to help both acoustic guitarists transitioning to electric and electric guitarists looking to improve.

Use Chords Strategically

  • Don’t play chords throughout entire songs. Save them for key moments to make them more impactful.
  • Play “diamonds” – single chord hits that ring out – rather than constant strumming.

Adjust Your Playing Approach

  • Don’t strum constantly like on acoustic guitar. Focus more on lead lines and textures.
  • Use alternate chord voicings to keep things interesting. Examples are triads and higher voicings.

Know When Not to Play

  • Sit out sections to build anticipation for your guitar parts. This makes your playing more impactful.
  • Single note lead lines can be more effective than chords. Listen to examples like Elevation Worship songs.

The core message is that electric guitarists should focus more on texture and energy than constant strumming. Follow these principles to improve band dynamics and get the most out of key moments.

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