Worship and Production Leadership Challenges

The “Worship and Production Leadership Challenges” panel at the Churchfront Conference features insightful discussions from experienced worship leaders. Moderated by Churchfront’s Jake Gosselin, the panel includes Rory Noland, Will Reagan, Jesse Reeves, and Cade Young – all well-respected worship leaders who offer wisdom on common leadership issues.

Covering topics from managing multi-generational teams to establishing healthy boundaries, the leaders tackle tough questions with humility, nuance and grace. They share hard-won advice on improving team communication, whether through modeling prayer, creating margin for open dialogue, or having courageous yet loving conversations. Panelists stress the importance of setting clear expectations while also leaving room for team members to grow.

Several compelling discussions center around better empowering and encouraging women in worship leadership. The male leaders express genuine care for their female team members, asking thoughtful questions about how to open more doors for emerging leaders. There is much wisdom here about avoiding assumptions, humbly assessing blindspots, and trusting the giftings of others.

Listeners can expect to hear an honest, often funny, exchange of ideas focused on equipping leaders for the complexities of local church ministry. The rapport between panelists allows for transparency about failures as much as successes. Whether leading a tiny rural congregation or a bustling metro one, there are invaluable takeaways here about pursuing excellence versus upholding Christ-honoring standards, protecting margin for spiritual health, and creating cultures where all gifts have room to emerge.

At the heart is a shared commitment to prayerfully discern where God is at work, before asking how one’s worship team can join His activity. There is a refreshing model here for leadership that stems from intimacy with Jesus, emphasizes empowering the next generation, and never loses sight of the stories represented in one’s local congregation.

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