Monday in the Life of a Worship Leader

Jimmy Cooper, worship leader and host of the Hey Worship Leader YouTube channel, takes us along for a day in his life on a typical Monday. While Mondays can feel uneventful, Jimmy emphasizes that the small tasks still contribute to the big picture of leading worship on Sundays.

  • Updates Spotify playlists “This Week in Worship” and “New Songs” for his church with that week’s setlist and potential future songs.
  • Checks Planning Center to confirm Sunday’s band lineup and songs, planning weeks in advance.
  • Receives new gear to review like Bluetooth amps, effects pedals, and a powered pedalboard.
  • Has a video call meeting with other worship leaders to discuss various topics.
  • Discusses holding auditions for new team members as needed rather than on a schedule.

Even mundane Mondays still contribute to the bigger purpose of leading worship on Sundays. Don’t give up even when Mondays feel unproductive, as small tasks all lead up to the main event on Sunday.

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