5 Benefits of Homegrown Worship Leaders

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More often than for other church staff roles, worship leaders seem to sprout from within the congregation. While not universal, more worship ministries are homegrown than, say, pastors or youth pastors.

Why might this be? Existing church culture, budget limitations, the part-time nature of the role, student involvement – these factors and more can nurture someone from within the congregation to step into the worship leader role.  A leader may be imported for a season, yet the torch often passes to a long-timer after they exit.

What are the perks of having a worship leader with deep church roots?

  1. They Know the Flock – This aids accountability, recruiting, awareness of events and vision. Relationships with the pastor and church staff are already established.
  2. Proven Track Record – Faithful attendance, volunteering, and other service demonstrate devotion over time. Music skills are certainly important, but sometimes can be taught if the heart is willing.
  3. They Know the Church’s Story – Homegrown leaders understand the history and journey of the congregation. This insider perspective equips them to honor the past while prayerfully moving worship forward. When you know where the church has come from, you can better discern where God is leading it to go next.
  4. They Understand Existing Worship Culture – People need to be lovingly led to new heights in worship. Homegrown leaders start from a place of personal understanding about what resonates with the congregation currently. This allows them to carefully build on existing culture.
  5. They’re Planted – For any ministry role, rootedness in the community is key. Committed to the congregation and vision, homegrown leaders can weather storms.

Certainly, outside leaders can gain these qualities and thrive. Prayerfully discern who the Lord is calling to serve. Is He growing a leader in your own ranks? Consider cultivating them for service.

Bottom Line: While not universal, homegrown worship leaders can boast unique benefits. Their roots allow them to wisely channel change and steer worship into new seasons.

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